Synapse Membership Manager™ Overview

Consider these two scenarios:

  • Someone visits your website and decides to join your organization. He or she downloads a paper application, fills it out, writes a check, and mails it to you. You get the application, manually add the new member to your roster, customize and mail a welcome letter. The letter includes a userid and password to access member content on your website --- the same password everyone else has (which never expires and/or is difficult to change because you have to notify all members).
  • A user visits your website and decides to join. He or she then clicks a “Join Online” link, supplies the membership information you require, enters credit card information, and instantly receives a welcome letter, an invoice for the charge, and immediate access to “members only” content on your website.

iData’s Synapse Membership Manager™, when combined with Synapse CommLink™ and Synapse Event Manager™ , enables your website to become the only software tool you need to manage your interaction with your members. In addition, it provides membership organizations with “shopping cart” capabilities designed exclusively to meet the special requirements of online enrollment for membership.



Top membership management features and benefits


  • Increase membership and membership renewals. When enrollment is a quick and easy process, and when instant gratification is offered in the form of access to members-only website content and resources, the result is more satisfied members. Membership Manager™ makes joining your organization quick and easy.
  • Keep members better informed. Need to quickly make information available exclusively to members? Membership Manager™ lets the website become the primary communication medium between your organization and members. Updating content takes only a web browser, and the system is as easy as using a word processor. Your website can contain public areas available to all and special restricted areas available only to members. Add Synapse CommLink™ , and you can design flexible, campaign-based emails and newsletters for distribution them to member groups, and you can track open and click-through rates of each email.
  • Secure online credit card transactions. Membership Manager™ provides membership organizations with a secure “shopping cart” designed exclusively to meet the special requirements of online enrollment for membership and event registration. Many membership organizations still have members mail or documents because they have found setting up online registration too challenging. Membership Manger™ provides secure, encrypted credit card processing and iData will walk you through every step of the setup process.
  • “Package” pricing. Membership Manager™ combines with Synapse Event Manager™ to offer flexible pricing options that encourage member signup and renewals. You can group activities like event, class or conference registration together with membership or renewal offer the package for a single, discounted price.
  • Promotional Pricing. Promotional pricing lets you offer special promotional pricing on membership, renewals or events. You can, for example, offer a discount via a promotion code that expires after being used a predetermined number of times, or offer a promotional price that automatically expires on a certain date.
  • Unlimited membership categories. Membership Manager™ lets you define an unlimited number of membership categories, with different website access privileges and different pricing for each. If you wish, you can also define user-managed membership groups, allowing users to subscribe or unsubscribe to special content areas and resources. When used in connection with Synapse CommLink TM , you can allow users to opt in our out of email groups.
  • Unlimited membership terms. Memberships can be offered for any term you specify (including life) with pricing for each term. Membership expiration dates are automatically enforced.
  • Corporate members/sub-members. Membership Manager™ supports corporate memberships. Corporate users can update not only the corporate user profile, but profiles for sub-members. When Membership Manager is used with Synapse Event Manager™ , corporate users can register sub-members for events or training classes, and you can grant special pricing or content access to corporate members.
  • User-managed member profile. You can allow members to manage their own user profile (including address changes, employment changes, etc.), dramatically reducing your customer service workload.
  • Flexible membership reports. Generate reports of members by membership effective or expiration dates, by membership category, by payment status, or by any other data element.
  • Upload and Download of Member Lists . Membership Manager™ makes initial population of the member database fast and easy. Membership information can be exported from an existing database, CRM system, or even an Excel spreadsheet in CSV text format and imported into Membership Manager™. Similarly, membership data can be selected within the membership manager based on the value of any field, and exported in CSV text format.

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