Success Stories

Developmental Disabilities Agencies - Custom Application Development

Contract Management: The Summit County Board of DD (CSBDD) had a large number of contracts outstanding with a variety of vendors, but managers and other stakeholders did not have a convenient way to view information about these contract obligations.  iData implemented a secure intranet application that provides CSBDD staff with information about contracts including relevant dates and contract amounts, payments and access to contract documents.  Learn more.

Employee Benefits Self Service: The open enrollment process at CCBDD was paper- and labor-intensive, involving sending each staff member benefits information by mail, receiving and processing paper replies from each and every staff member and entering the information received into the CCBDD HR system.  Learn more. 

CCBDD Provider Search and Referrals: CCBDD’s challenge was two-fold. First, the Board needed an online tool to help Cuyahoga County families choose service providers in accordance with Ohio’s Free Choice of Provider rules. Also, CCBDD needed an efficient way to publish referrals to service providers and allow them to indicate their interest in and capacity for serving the individuals referred.  iData worked closely with CCBDD to implement the provider selection and referral tools for Cuyahoga County providers, based on iData’s Synapse Publisher® platform. Learn more.

E-commerce Web development

Jenne Distributors: Jenne had lots of terrific ideas about how to serve customers better using the Web, but needed an up to date, robust e-commerce platform that would enable the company to realize these ideas.  iData replaced the existing e-commerce site with a new site running on our Synapse Publisher® CMS platform.  The new site includes  advanced e-commerce functionality  and allows customers to order online, view order history, view images of past invoices, re-order, prepare quotes, add and use order templates, view “also bought” products, maintain multiple shipping addresses, and maintain customer account information. Learn more.

Supply Side USA: Supply Side’s online ordering capabilities were limited, with substantial re-keying of orders limiting the potential for online growth.  iData replaced Supply Side’s existing e-commerce site with a new site running on our Synapse Publisher® CMS platform and implemented our .NET FACTS connector, a component that provides a native .NET interface to the FACTS XML API Toolkit. Learn more.

Document management

Operations were choked by a flood of paper, most of it not where it needed to be at any given time. iData resources were employed to develop and implement a private-label agency management system that would feature secure, ubiquitous access by company personnel to any document in any client’s file. Payback was immediate and dramatic. Learn More.

Automating event registration and email

A technology trade association was struggling to stay in touch with members and to administer the events that formed a core part of the organization’s mission. iData implemented the Synapse Publisher content management system and Event Manager online event registration system. Instead of focusing on administrative tasks, client users now spend the bulk of their time working to connect with members and develop programs that will better serve both the membership and the larger community. Learn more.