Synapse Event Manager™ Online Event Registration System

Increase enrollment for events and training classes by making online registration quick, secure and easy. iData’s Synapse Event Manager™ allows users to register online for your events and pay by a secure credit card transaction (or by other methods you specify). Event Manager lets you specify registration information to be collected (meal preferences, attendee requirements), enable payment methods, create special discounts for early registration or registering for multiple events, and setup followup emails to be automatically sent to registrants with any instructions they need. All of this is done with no programming and no IS help.



Event Registration Features and Benefits

  1. Increase event attendance. When enrollment is a quick, secure and easy process, the result is more registrations. Synapse Event Manager™ makes event enrollment as easy as clicking a link on your website. Instant confirmation can be provided by an email message to the registrant, giving needed directions or other information.
  2. Instant collection of the information you need. For any event, you can define questions to be asked as a part of the registration process. For example, your event may include a meal, and you need to know menu preference. It takes only an instant to add a question to the registration giving the registrant a choice of beef, fish, chicken or vegetarian. And any question can be made mandatory, meaning an answer is needed to complete the registration, or optional.
  3. Base web content access on event enrollment. Want to make a page or section of your website visible only to people who have enrolled for your event – perhaps for the download of course materials or other uses? With Synapse Event Manager™, it’s easy. Access is granted immediately upon enrollment.
  4. Secure online credit card transactions. Many organizations still have event registrants mail or email credit card information as part of the registration process! With the iData Event Manger™, credit card processing is secure and encrypted.
  5. Package pricing. Synapse Event Manager™ features an incredibly flexible pricing model that lets you increase event attendance by offering creative pricing packages. Package pricing lets you group various events together and offer the package for a single price. When used in connection with Membership Manager™, you can include membership enrollment in your packages. User-based pricing lets you offer different prices for members vs. non-members and even different prices for different membership categories. Each user sees only the prices for which he or she is eligible.
  6. Promotion codes. With promotion codes, you can offer special promotional pricing to users who know the code. You can even determine a set number of times that promotion codes can be used before expiring.
  7. Payment-based pricing. Want to reduce no-shows by encouraging payment in advance rather than at the door? Synapse Event Manager™ lets you set different prices for different payment methods. Contact iData

to learn more.